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At the Center of Adventure

Adventure. It's our passion. It's our life, and it's all that we do. Adventure Center has been connecting people with the adventure vacations of their dreams for more than 40 years. 

What adventure means to you

What's your idea of adventure? Careening down rapids on a bamboo raft, or taking in the Alps from a terrace with a glass of wine at your fingertips?

Everyone's tastes are different. That's why, when it comes to adventure, Adventure Center has trips to suit every style and budget. We're all about providing you with a travel adventure that's distinctly you. And, with over 4,000 itineraries to choose from, including hiking and biking trips; cultural toursAfrican safarisexpedition cruises and family adventures, we're sure we can find one that's just what you're looking for. We have the experience and the knowledge to help find the one that's just right for you.

Ready to find your ideal adventure? Use the trip finder on the left, email us at or call one of our seasoned consultants at 1-800-228-8747 for personal assistance selecting your next adventure.

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Photomontage by Ho-Yeol Ryu, via New York Magazine

The Economist's Gulliver ran an item recently about the world's best airports as ranked by Skytrax. As Gulliver notes, airports are travelers' first impression of a destination, and for that...

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What's Your Adventure Soundtrack?

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One sure sign of the seasons changing is news of spring and summer music festivals that take place all over the world. Whether it's Coachella, the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival, the Fuji...

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As this CNN Money piece reports, two entrenched, highly-respected travel industry brands have been in the news lately, due to shifts in how travelers research their trips thanks to the abundance...

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Eating Like a Local: Where Do You Draw the Line?

Mealworms and Crickets, via Popsci

Of late, for reasons that escape me, I've been reading quite a bit about people who seek out exotic meals, what some might call gross meals. Personalities like Anthony Bourdain and Andrew Zimmern...

Blog Entry Posted: Tue Mar 2013
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Do You Pay for Airline Extras?

via Seeking Alpha

Let's face it: no matter how amazing the trip, getting there is not always part of the fun, especially if the transit between home and away includes a long, cramped flight. Sure, those twelve-hour...

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